Imagine your favourite horror film.
Go on, close your eyes. Picture it.
Now imagine this... You're in it.

One week from october 26th, 2017.


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The Killer

When you’re surrounded by terror, there is no way out.
In this dark & disturbing VR psychological thriller, you won’t just get lost in the story, you’ll become the story. You become the captured and tortured prisoner of a merciless madman, experiencing the unimaginable as it unfolds around you in a dark, forgotten place.

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The original VR horror masterpiece, Catatonic takes you on an immersive journey through an insane asylum, bound to a wheelchair. A sensory-shocking thriller.



Journey into the depths of an asteroid, exploring sprawling ancient caves. The only sunlit object in the vastness of space. It's magical, awe-inspiring... until something goes wrong.



Your first 360-degree nightmare. You can scream, but you can't look away. A VR horror classic, awarded ‘Best Narrative VR film’ at VR Fest 2016.