This spring, give your dog a BoneVR.

Virtual Reality for canines launches April 2017.



Wave bye bye to walkies. Now your pup can enjoy a stroll around the park while you kick back on the sofa.

Surround them with as many chocolate treats as they want without adding on those doggie kilos. Just imagine how popular you will be.

Or for those working dogs who live in the city, send them to the countryside from the comfort of your home with 'Sheep Herder', included free with purchases before May 31st.

Customized HARDWARE

We love all dogs, big and small. Our 'Large' has been extensively tested on Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Labradoodles. Our 'Small' has been optimized for Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. It's also suitable for puppies (up to six months only).

If you’re a patriotic lover of the British Bulldog, then don’t panic. We are developing a specially adapted unit for your goggly-eyed beauty. Stay tuned.

the new dog run

We know the first week of using BoneVR can be challenging as your dog adapts to wearing a headset. For support during this period, join us at our central London pop-up in May 2017.

Our virtual dog-walkers will get Rocky or Buster up to speed in no time, while you can kick back with fellow owners and discuss what you're all going to do with the extra time that BoneVR gives you. Take up a new hobby, take a day trip to the country, or better still, you now have time in your life to get another dog.

Dogs have been humanity’s closest friend since the dawn of time. Yet we didn’t give them a role in the dot.com boom or involve them in the Web 2.0 craze. Even today, there just aren’t enough canines on Snapchat (plenty on Instagram, mind you). As the VR revolution begins, at BoneVR we pledge never to repeat the mistakes of the past. We promise to never to leave canine companions behind again. They will play a role in our digital lives, securing a bright virtual future for all of us, whether man or beast.
— Barry Whyte (Founder)