virtual reality cinema.
arrives late 2017, central London.


A new golden age of Hollywood is upon us. The world’s largest content producers and finest independent filmmakers are creating phenomenal immersive films and experiences. Right now, you can only enjoy them at home, on your own. It's time to bring virtual reality out of the tech world and into the real world, in a space where you can enjoy these experiences together.

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360º cinema

Immerse yourself in documentaries. Explore new forms of storytelling straight from the festival circuit. Experience blockbuster movies like never before.

Live music and sport

Finally, the fight for the best seats is over. Whether sports, a gig or the ballet, now everyone can be in the front row. Right alongside with your friends.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Lie on a beach in Tahiti. Meditate with a monk at a temple in Tibet. Or go clubbing in Ibiza and go wild. In fifteen minutes, we can change the way you feel.

Travel and experience

Swim with dolphins. Tour the Louvre in Paris. Then take your children for a walk down Fifth Avenue. Suddenly, the world's finest experiences are accessible to everyone.


Brand events and screenings

Every story needs an audience. Whether test driving a car or visiting a far flung holiday resort, brands can engage with customers at Veero.